30 Kudu Cola for $39.99

by / Wednesday, 13 November 2013 / Published in Kudu News

If you buy this you are instantly initiated into the Kudu Cover Tailgating Hall of Fame. That exists? Nope. But now it does. If your tailgating and you’ve got 30 Cola Kudu Cover Sleeves watch out cause once word gets out (which it will) we cant be held liable. Everyone will begging for one but we’ve got a solution. 30 koozies is a life time supply… but it doesn’t have to be because our Koozies are like a currency. 1 Kudu Cover = 2.23 12 oz beer cans. And we calculated that value with this limited time offer so once its over your KCB (Kudu Cover for Beer) ratio will skyrocket. So forget about Wall Street for a bit and Buy Some Kudu Covers.

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