Become a part of Kudu Cover and Profit from your Dorm Room

Campus Distributor

The Kudu Cover was born in a dorm room. And within that University came students rich in partying and tailgating. This allowed for high sales and profits. With that said, we found it appropriate that there be a program where students or any entrepreneurs had the opportunity to create a business from their dorm room. Since we may not be able to get into your school bookstore it is up to students like you to to spread our product while profiting at the same time.

What you will be doing?

Its simple; your starting a business from your dorm room by getting an inventory from us at wholesale prices. We have a minimum purchase of 30 Kudu Covers with out “Dorm Party” Package. If 30 covers just wont do it then step up to the “Frat Party” package to get more for less. For the big shots out there, contact us for high quantity quotes.

Upon joining our team, once we get word that you your ready to begin selling its time for us to give back to you.  What we will do is upload your desired information to our website and social medias letting everyone at your school know that you have the goods. That way you can penetrate that market quick.

Become a part of Kudu Cover at your College or University today.

Bulk Discount

choose plan
  • Kudu Covers
  • Your Revenue if sold @ $4.99
  • Price Per Sleeve
  • Blog Shout Out

Dorm Party


  • 30 Covers
  • $150
  • $2.33
  • No

Frat Party


  • 75 Covers
  • $375
  • $2.13
  • Yes


$ customtotal

  • 150+ Covers
  • $750+
  • N/A
  • Yes

The Kudu Campus Distributor Process

We're gunna treat you like an operating store because you're doing the same exact business that they are. You're giving us business like they are so we'll treat you like them - it's that simple.


Since your becoming party of Kudu Cover we need to know that you're reputable and will reflect good on us.

Order & Receive

Just like a regular customer, place an order for any amount of Covers over our minimum purchase of 30. We guarantee shipping within one business day of your order so that you get your package sooner.


Now that you've received your Kudu Covers it's time to start advertising and letting people know what you've got and how you're prices are the most competitive (compared to other campus distributors at your college). What? You thought you were the only one?