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Our buying process is Simple and Quick to get our product into your stores fast.

Store Owners
Want to get the Kudu Covers into your store? For additional information and inquires contact or via phone at 978-500-6251.

Drop Shipping
For online e-commerce store’s we offer a simple Drop Shipping program. This program still allows you to profit big while taking advantage of our cost saving and quick turnaround shipping methods.

Custom Koozies
Like the sleeves but you want your own design to go with it? Kudu Cover now offers custom sleeve’s with no additional design fee. Again for more information and inquires contact or via phone at 978-500-6251.

Phone: 978-500-6251

The Kudu Wholesale Process

We keep the whole sale buying process as simple as possible so that you can get our product in your stores faster and easier.


Just like a regular customer, place an order for any amount of Covers over our minimum purchase of 30


We guarantee shipping within one business day of your order so that you get your package sooner.


Now that you have received your Kudu Covers them on display and figure out a price. We suggest $3.49- $4.99 per sleeve.